Friday, January 27, 2012

From the German.

I'm stuck. I should be working on "All Things Being Equal," (that is the agreement I made with myself) but I fear it may be completely unsalvageable. So, to fuck around and waste time productively, I took four texts translated from the German--Heidegger's "Letter on Humanism," Goethe's Faust, Rilke's Duino Elegies, and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm--and plugged them into eGnoetry to try to make some interesting novel connections. What follows are the raw results, the turbulent flow. I may set straight quotes from the works to act as attractors, or I might build it around memories of a German girlfriend many years ago. Or I might just forget about it, because I already have too many unfinished long poems. Who knows? Anyway ...

This was morbidly anxious to know. I felt
this difficulty in silence. It's all,

I stepped leisurely
across the life -- or two who lifted a
capital -- normal from head was thinking of
having lost sight; this -- the
I had been planning to
his hands, and sealed his.

I proposed a singleness of nightmares. The manager,
wild and devil, almost
certain I had become a foolish
faces. I had nothing,
four pilgrims in a wonder. I saw
the passing away quick, nor I did not so.

Better his face: Wood
for relief --
a little things -- Love him.
He appeared, paths spreading over a glance. Moreover,
shields, trees were simply as
far away from
me that is easier to stop him. On the
postscriptum torn.

Of course you
know what? He shook the water-gauge
with it seemed young man. In about
one of time. We pounded along with.
. I descended to the hole.
suspected there was burning noble and of which the woods.

They swore
tingle with an infernal stream.

No, mingled eagerness and up.
Are we glided in the whispered to a massacre
or two whites,
his talk. Flying unto the little fever at
such a.

dwelling was no harm, perhaps.
They say -- mean she had aboard;
and took both my finger everlastingly
on him. Ultimately
good deal of.

I got my heartless promptitude.
No; I respected the shore. It
was vanishing without that
fellow to breathe
dead silence. Well,
was dead as ominous in front of.

I glanced through that was within
the need was the fantastic
invasion, with
He remained of our manager. I asked;
but I would ring in cipher at repulse.
Seat of it is so much.

For some ghastly Nowhere, he answered that had seen
anything, had got fever, no rivets
there? On my country perhaps she was just
floundered and the --
could see. He assured in make
an air of light of spotted cotton handkerchiefs.

The voice -- fascinating --
the ships of commonwealths, had no!

And the greatest of a mass of that
Martini-Henry cartridges?
And by a bloodshot widening of course.
Then I saw impending, not in.

It was the body of his head. Conceive you
see them with a great
comfort to know. It
was exactly as if her,
but he said
I rose there were going into
the shutter alone now, it.

Well, he wanted to convey the
river. Don't be sociable,
nervously. The people.

But space, the white
man like tearing
pace of falling. It was all cutting capers in.

He was only as
see I directed my speech, etc. The
swift shadows darted out of his eyes. The
tumult of the heads close by and also a
crew. It
had been out of the manager was.

Table to unfold for the _Erebus_ and the sea
in mankind as if indeed! We four paddling savages,
looking forward to take
care to.

Here and lay
rubbing sides at the
unknown earth flowed sombre and was looking very clear
perception of a
If they
would be seen
the centre for publication, white man had loops of.

Nothing could also one
you say three miles of startled
to look.

By the
house this alone.
No influential friend would dart and after this poor nose
set. Well as may be
English tobacco. I declare it is assured me think.
But I said My idea of help -- and
we came up the left either across the road.
I haven't the manager displayed a bed with no more.

rang under his body of the
fairway -- straw
maybe. I strode off, upon my
thoughts. There hasn't been telling you know what really
an air with his back, behind me.

He began to snare the body emerged from the
men, as far, he.

The steamer,
beads on.. But when I
expected an.

They die, all,
with twice the
dead cats of their staves -- he had depended upon
my only known
once? I clambered on, upon their own sake.
There remained.

There he saw in
another soul on board.. One was just
with him for equitable division. Go away
from the centre
of his pipe soothed him! broke off
the thunderbolts of.

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