Thursday, November 10, 2011

24-hour chapbook: The fourth poem

This is again from the Abilify and Brothers Grimm texts, run through eGnoetry. Some of it's definitely throwaway. Once in a while, there's something kind of beautiful. Well, an hour & a half to go.

In the Beginning

Then the garden came from God. The messenger stopped
at a little. The miller was experiencing symptoms should
be an increase suicidal thoughts of every patient taking the
mouth. Tell your body's ability to her. Tell

The angel I
asked no power over to him as the
king said, It had eaten the house?

The angel
offered him the light of
beautiful pears with coma or tongue and asked

I secretly
had mercy and showed him inside. The king said,
and let the medicine at risk of
the queen's child. Of
body temperature; you in the woman, or the
sky is for sure that she

The devil came the 30-Day
Free Trial and said, because the queen,

He lay
down under
the words, and the devil substituted
a royal garden so long as proof.
She gave them all been abandoned by everyone except God.

Will neither eat
of God,
where he
came to anaphylaxis, your health.

Sign up, or the words, tightness in this
in the Lord appeared to you should not take good

The evil that she
had lost all
the garden.

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