Thursday, November 10, 2011

24-hour chapbook: The third poem

Actually wrote this one, though I have been kicking parts of it around ... first time I actually put them "on paper," anyway. I think that's 10 pages so far. Now, I have to run off for group.

one catalpa leaf

valentine | spade

and death

she said yellow or
golden yellow

but for maple it was definitely
crimson red. this

she repeated, crimson

bury me with your picture, jules

sammy says he knows what's going on here

and it's gonna stop
sammy says

elly asks for a light before time
can i get a light? he spits please? i'll

comb your hair.
but nobody draws me a picture like you,

no one knows what i truly
look like, but you,

the fins, the scales, the scars like dry

lips across my shoulders, my head sharp, wicked,

my alien nature, my
deathness | love, light, golden

yellow catalpa. no difference,
just wait till all the leaves

have fallen and sleep
for spring mulch
under the snow.

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